Telnet VTY “% Connection refused by remote host”

While setting up my router to be accessible over VTY ran into an issue:

Trying …
% Connection refused by remote host

Looking at my default configuration for VTY I found the following:

line vty 0 4
transport input none

With the default configuration, no remote host will be able to access the device as all protocols are disabled. If you want to enable specific or all protocols for inbound VTY access here are your options:

WA-ROUTER(config-line)#transport input ?
all All protocols
lapb-ta LAPB Terminal Adapter
lat DEC LAT protocol
mop DEC MOP Remote Console Protocol
none No protocols
pad X.3 PAD
rlogin Unix rlogin protocol
ssh TCP/IP SSH protocol
telnet TCP/IP Telnet protocol
udptn UDPTN async via UDP protocol
v120 Async over ISDN

Now that I changed my VTY config to allow all protocols:


WA-ROUTER#show run | b line
line vty 0 4
transport input all

I’m able to telnet in remotely:

Trying … Open

User Access Verification




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