Where I’m at / Where I’m going…

A quick update regarding where I’m at and where I am going. Currently I have my CCNA and CCNP certs. I received my CCNP cert in January of 2015, which means I have to retake the exam again soon. With all CCNA and CCNP Cisco exams you have to re-certify every 3 years, so I’m due to retake my CCNP in less then a year. Thankfully you don’t have to take all three exams, just one of the three will refresh the NP status.

However, my plan is to retake all CCNP exams. I know that some might think its a waste of time to pursue retaking the CCNP, especially when I’m planning on getting my CCIE. This is my thinking though, I work in the industry but don’t apply everything in the CCNP/CCIE curriculum. I haven’t troubleshot EIGRP or OSPF in over a year for example. I think it will be wise for me to go through the CCNP curriculum again staring with CCNP ROUTE, then CCNP SWICH, and lastly CCNP TSHOOT. I think this will provide a great review and reinforce things I might of forgotten details on.

My plan is to retake all 3 exams by January of 2018. Once I get through that material I will start prepping for the CCIE written. My goal is to get the CCIE 2 years after I complete the CCNP refresh. So that means Winter of 2020 I should have my CCIE :).


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