Is the CCIE Worth It?

While checking my LinkedIn profile earlier today I stumbled upon a blog post by Paul Blakeslee which caught my attention. The title of the blog is “ CCIE “then” vs CCIE “now.”” In the blog post there is an interesting comparison between getting a CCIE in 1996 vs 2016:

In the comparison everything looks good except the pay. I’m not sure where the average salary #’s are coming from, but I don’t know how true/real they are. Honestly, I doubt that all the CCIEs of the world submit their salaries. Maybe a few do, but I’m assuming the rest of the data is probably based on what employers are willing to pay new employees who have a CCIE.

Working in the industry I hear a lot of different opinions regarding certs in general. I will say, no matter what the actual pay is for CCIE’s today, most people in the industry respect the cert. Depending on which sector of network engineering you are going to be a part of, the pay will differ. However, as a CCIE you will always have a lot of options and room to negotiate a great salary.

Lastly I’ll say this, you can get a few CCNP certs as mentioned by Paul instead of getting a CCIE and do great from a career growth perspective and salary amount. However, I think today the CCIE is more than just a cert you get for a nice raise. Its a way to check/confirm your knowledge. Are you truly competent in all things related to Cisco’s Routing and Switching? At the end of the day those who get the CCIE are able to prove to themselves they are experts in the field,  have numerous opportunities in the field, and make a comfortable 6 figure salary.


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