iPhone X “One More Thing…..”

Its been a decade now since the original iPhone came out. With so much progress with technology and smartphones in general, our expectations seem to grow more and more. With the announcement of the new iPhone X (X being the roman numeral symbol for “10”) many, including me, expected a phone that would shape the next decade and live up to the standard of a device which truly can be called “One More thing….” Did we get that phone? No, I don’t believe so. Here are my 5 reason why I don’t believe iPhone X will be shaping the future of smart phones:

1) Edge to edge screen

Although its incredible, to finally have an Apple iPhone that has no more bezels and that is all screen edge to edge. This is nothing new to the smartphone world. Many phones have had these new screens that are all screen without bezels. This is a great upgrade for iPhones but not a new technology.

2) Water/Dust Resistance

Many have tried to challenge the ability of the “Water Resistance” of an iPhone, but too many times those attempting what the iPhone was not created for “Water proof” had to get new phones. Water resistance is a a great feature but my iPhone 7 has the same resistance. I would expect iPhone X to have the same if not better ability when it comes to water resistance.

3) Super Retina Display

Super Retina is just another marketing term to say that your phone will look beautiful, but this is nothing really new. The fact that you are able to see/have more PPI (Pixels Per Inch) is great and you will see a slight change but again nothing ground breaking here.

4) Face-ID

Face-ID, ohh Face-ID. What challenges will this bring to the daily practical experience/use. The technology is impressive, but is this new. No, its not. Other smartphone manufacturers have been using the same technology and utilizing the ability to use face recognition.

5) Animoji

When I first saw this new feature for iMessages, of course I was super excited, however, to say the this will impact/influence the next decade is hard to say. This will allow us to do more with our messages but to say this will influence the next decade of smart phones, well, we will just have to see.

In conclusion, I want to first express my appreciation of Apple and their constant push for the best product quality. I also think that iPhone X will be an incredible phone and will be purchased by many. However, I think Apple needs to start thinking outside the box and truly create the “One More Thing….” device. I will give them this next decade to do just that.


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