Equifax HACKED!!!

It’s no secret that cyber warfare, cyber attacks, or simply hacking occurs on a daily bases across the world. With every connection across the “Internet” a.k.a home, business, etc… create interconnected links which make hacking a very prime target, many are affected but don’t realize this.

Although I shouldn’t be surprised about this hack, I still am, especially after reading that U.S. Department of Homeland Security identified a vulnerability within the Apache Struts software which Equifax was aware of. I get it, no system is perfect, and Equifax did apply a patch to remedy the vulnerability. However, a company that has that much personal data stored within its databases should have a personal SOC (Security Operations Center) or a company that is 24/7 dedicated to monitoring for such attacks. It was funny to read that they waited some time to observe the potential suspicious activity before contacting a company that helped them track what was happening.

I know I’m making a lot of assumptions regarding how Equifax works and how they approach cyber security but this shows that most companies are in the same situation. Security costs $$$ and companies are constantly looking for ways to save a dime. Security is one of those things like backup, you don’t realize you need it until you get HACKED!!!!

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