So you have been tasked with drawing a network diagram, and you run to the typical first option (pen + paper). This works for some situations but not all, especially when you need to have a nicely presented diagram.

I have been looking for software that is cheap that could replace Visio for me and I think I found what I was looking for. draw.io is an incredible tool which allows you to draw networks, save your templates, and print for distribution all for the price of $free. I know its hard to believe but you should check it out and let me know if this tool has worked to replace your (pen + paper), Visio, or other network drawing tools:

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iPhone X “One More Thing…..”

Its been a decade now since the original iPhone came out. With so much progress with technology and smartphones in general, our expectations seem to grow more and more. With the announcement of the new iPhone X (X being the roman numeral symbol for “10”) many, including me, expected a phone that would shape the next decade and live up to the standard of a device which truly can be called “One More thing….” Did we get that phone? No, I don’t believe so. Here are my 5 reason why I don’t believe iPhone X will be shaping the future of smart phones:

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