ip SLA

Recently I was thinking if there were any tools available for me to enable some continuous ICMP packets to ping a remote router for reachability. Found a nice tool within Cisco’s IOS that gets the job done. IP SLA has many options, but the one I will be discussing here is a simple ICMP-ECHO message what will just ping a remote router to check for reachability.

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So you have been tasked with drawing a network diagram, and you run to the typical first option (pen + paper). This works for some situations but not all, especially when you need to have a nicely presented diagram.

I have been looking for software that is cheap that could replace Visio for me and I think I found what I was looking for. draw.io is an incredible tool which allows you to draw networks, save your templates, and print for distribution all for the price of $free. I know its hard to believe but you should check it out and let me know if this tool has worked to replace your (pen + paper), Visio, or other network drawing tools:

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PING is one of the most used tools in networking, there are two main uses for the “ping” tool:

1. Troubleshooting: Ping is used to confirm whether or not you are able to reach a particular layer 3 device. It also give you the round trip time between to end points to confirm the reliability of a circuits path.

2. Monitoring: Ping is used to monitor links/interfaces to make sure a circuit is up.