The Journey Continues…

Before I start with all the technical posts I want to share a bit about the direction of my journey and the purpose of this blog.

Networking has been a passion of mine since I was young. Growing up I always saw myself doing something in the telecom industry, however, I was always told to pursue something else and reminded that the outlook for job growth in this field did not look promising. Due to various influences in college I pursued courses that did not relate to networking, yet inside myself I knew I really wanted to pursue a career in this field.

After a few years of taking various courses, unrelated to networking, I began a two year program that got me started in the Telecom world. Till this day I have no regretted my decision. After graduating from college I soon found a position at a local ISP where I have been working for the last few years.

Being in the industry I see how massive the world of networking is and the many opportunities there are. Working with different technologies has fueled my interest in routing & switching, not only troubleshooting but also implementing/designing the networks. After college I studied for my CCNP R&S certification for close to 2 years, it was a difficult journey, but a very rewarding one. Getting the certification was great but it showed how much more there is to know.

My hope for the future is to work in the industry, learn more in the field of networking, and share my knowledge with those who are interested. The blog will contain a lot of technical posts which will be things I’m learning, but I will also share personal challenges/successes as I grow in the industry, and any interesting material related to this field.

At the end of the day this blog is my networking journal, if a few people find some of the information helpful that will be an added bonus.